Comic 83 - Pick me up at the airport!

Pick me up at the airport!
22nd May 2012, 2:13 AM in Der GroƟman

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Gryphon 22nd May 2012, 2:13 AM edit delete
I was tempted to make a comic of The Slenderman sitting in coach with his knees bunched up next to his ears, but that seemed really hard... So I shoved him in the checked luggage.


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Ryan C. 24th May 2012, 8:10 AM edit delete reply
Ryan C.
I will make it my mission to use the term "Mary Poppins" in a conversation....
Gryphon 24th May 2012, 10:09 PM edit delete reply
"Mary Poppins" has become a commonly used verb among a few of my friends. One of my bros made a movie for a media production class, and for some reason he let me be a producer/technical consultant. This led to a scene where an assassin pulled an improbably large gun out of a Cheez-It box, or as we later described it, "So he just Mary Poppinses the fucking gun out of the Cheez-It box."
True story, bro.
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